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Statue de Bouddha

Thanks Sonia for your classes! It brought me a lot, giving me confidence, allowing me to experiment and to go further, supported by your presence, kindness, dynamism and enthusiasm and carried by your teaching skills, your attention and your beautiful singing voice. Thank you for all this. 


Dear Sonia, Don't change anything to your beautiful personality. You are enchanting to all that will have the chance to attend your yoga classes. Raising my hands in prayer to my heart, I send you a profond Namaste. Big hug !

Nalda Katia 

Sonia is a dynamic teacher always listening to her students. She is a gentle person who always gives good advice (on yoga, essential oils, cosmetics...). Thank you for sharing your energy, knowledge and kindness with us. You're outstanding ! 


If you have the chance to take yoga classes with Sonia, don't hesitate a second ! Since she left, I have never found a teacher as competent as her: movement coherency, pedagogy, real profond work, elegant simplicity.


Amazing teacher - soft, pedagogic, friendly - thank you Sonia


I was so glad to have found Sonia's yoga classes, as they were exactly what I was looking for. Sonia is a great teacher and lovely person. It was always a real pleasure to have class with her. Her voice is very nice and soft, she also sings wonderful. Her classes were not repetitive at all and challenging enough for those who needed that. I will miss her very much because I know it's not easy to find such good teachers. There was something very peaceful that cannot be found so easily everywhere. Thank you dear Sonia and best of luck to you in Tenerife ! 


Sonia's classes are very empowering and inspiring. Gives me so much energy! Sonia is a very dedicated teacher, kind, warm and caring. The classes are always challenging but she takes care of everyone. Specially enjoy the essential oil and the personal little massage she gives to everyone at the end of the class. Lovely moments. 


Amazing yoga teacher. Kind and very respectful of your body and soul. And she knows how to give you confidence to push your own limit. 


Sable blanc et pierre

I had a quantum healing session with Sonia as my birthday present, and it really felt like a perfect time. I love Sonia's ability to stay in a loving non-judgemental presence, so one can feel safe to open up and go deeper within. I loved how we started with figuring out what is my next level limitation and how we can clear it. She guided me through galactic pluggins activation and it was such a deep healing vortex with light language, voice initiation and beyond. Feeling grateful for the session and connection. Sonia is a talented Quantum Healer. 


I'm so grateful for my quantum healing session with Sonia. I felt very guided and free to follow my intuition during the session. Sonia was very tuned to my needs and helped me uncover few blindspots and hidden blessings with so much loving compassion. I felt a sense of peace and inner calm after the session. A beautiful and welcome release, all with ease. Thank you Sonia !


I had the great opportunity to experiment a quantum healing session with Sonia and I instantly felt better right after the session and even in the days following the session. I felt understood and cared for. Sonia was able to rapidly find the family pattern that was running in my field and the whole session helped me to come back into energetic, emotional and spiritual alignment. Thanks to the healing session, I could feel that I was releasing everything that was poluting me, helping me to get back into a state of unity and peace. It gave me the impulse to make other sessions with Sonia, in order to go even deeper into my inner healing. Thank you very much !


If your looking for your life purpose, I highly recommend Sonia's coaching. Her holistic method encompasses all areas of your life (physical, spiritual, professional) and allows to set up an action plan in order to give true meaning to your existence. Sonia is truly listening and really wants to help people move forward.


My quantum healing session with my beautiful Soul Sister Sonia : first of all thank you for your amazing work... with all the love and dedication with which you bring Souls into healing...I can not really describe this in words...Sonia started this quantum healing session with creating a beautiful energy field, with beautiful chosen sound in the back and she worked with singing bowls. From the first moment on, I felt safe and protected to open myself to her. She asked me some questions about what I'm facing right now and what I'm working on. Since I started the QF practitioner training in January, I am on a really deep level, releasing, transforming and transmuting my complete being...One of the things I am working on since months is letting go of all blockages and wounds around abundance, receiving love and abundance...My roots are german and my ancestors experienced a lot of loss in the world wars...After diving a bit into my family story and my childhood, soon it was clear that I carried deep wounds since I'm a little girl, of not being seen. Sonia guided me through an Inner Child healing session with lots of love and appreciation. Her angelic being and voice brought me like in a sacred place...I would describe it like heaven. I feel like she helped me to transmute a deep trauma out of mine. I was deep connected to my ancestors, peaceful, forgiving, and deep connected to my heart. The last days I'm integrating and healing even deeper. Letting go of people who don't see me, treating myself with more love and appreciation...Gracias mi amor, your work is not to describe with words. Sonia is an Angel which I know will help to heal and transform this planet on a deep level. Infinite grateful for this deep connection we have. I highly highly recommend work with this powerful angelic healer, goddess. It will transform you on all levels.


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