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My Story

I can’t remember having ever felt fitting into this world. Being an adopted child made things even more complicated, as I spent my whole childhood life wondering where I was coming from and why my biological parents had abandonned me. As a teenager and in my early adult life, I was pretty troubled : suffering from depression, eating disorders and self-mutilating behaviors, I was a big mess. A difficult breakup triggered even more my abandonment wounds and I ended up reaching the bottom and falling into a self destructive downward spiral. I was young, living alone in Paris and completely lost and in my own hell. My downfall yet appeared to be my greatest blessing. 

Under odd circumstances, yoga found me. I was a big fan of Björk (we were in the late nineties) and one of her songs was called Yoga. As soon as these 4 letters rang in my ears, I knew that there was something special about it. I started to research about yoga. At that time, it was not trendy at all, and rather seen by the mainstream world as a cult. As soon as I found out about yoga, I was magically hooked. I was a broke parisian student and couldn’t afford yoga classes, which by the way, were not as widespread as there are now in Paris. So I bought a few books and dvds of yoga and started practicing solo in my little parisian studio. 


The moment I started practicing, my whole world started to change. I started to heal not only physically but also mentally and emotionally, I started to become more conscious of my body, I started awakening to my true self. From that day on, my thirsty quest for enlightenment and for universal truth never stopped and just became stronger and stronger. I became certified in yoga, ayurveda, reiki, shamanic plant medicine, quantum healing, quantum flow, became a Moon mother, learned how to host women’s circles and moon lodges… And the path keeps on expanding, as it is a never ending journey. Always a student. 


On this path, I learned about so many mystic tools, such as quantum physics, the law of attraction, manifestating with the universal laws... I started to tap into my quantum field and to recodify it into a higher timeline. I started listening to my inner guidance, to my Soul’s calling and to connect with my spirit team. I learned to release my most deepest shadows and to use my negative life experiences as opportunities of growth and healing.


Overtime, I started to shift my reality and manifest my dream life : I met my Twin Flame and became the mother of a beautiful baby boy, I managed to quit my 12 year career as a lawyer and to create my dream life here on the Canary Islands, where I live now from purpose and do my best to serve others, in ther own ascension process.


Certified and Registred Yoga Alliance Teacher (RYT 200)

Certified Warrior Vinyasa Yoga Teacher (Arius Yoga) 

Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner from the University of Pune (India) 

Certified Reiki Usui Practitioner 

Certified Quantum Healer (Regan Hillyer & Juan Pablo Barahona) 

Certified Quantum Flow Practitioner (Quantum Flow Institute) 

Certified Advanced Moon Mother (Miranda Gray)

Certified Coach in the Awakening of the Divine Feminine (Wild Women Sisterhood)

Certified Facilitator in Women's circles and Moon lodges 

Certified Practitioner in Shamanic Plant Medicine

Sonia Astreya Indigo Yoga

My Approach

My biggest passion is now to help people on their awakening path, empowering them to step into their highest expression and to start embodying the divine being that they truly are. 


I use following tools to help my clients reconnect body, mind and soul. and come back to their natural state of health and balance : ayurveda, yoga and the Bio-well technology.  

Everything is quantum and energy. Working with the Quantum field and with the Universal laws is key in order to tap into our manifestation powers. Reiki, quantum healing, NLP, quantum flow, tarots and oracle cards... are part of my manifestation toolkit to help my clients powerfully transform on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level, and to quantum shift their reality and realign with their soul's mission. 

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