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Sonia Astreya

 International Yoga Instructor

 Certified NLP Coach

Holistic & Quantum Coach

Tarot Reader & Intuitive Guidance


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Video clip by Marina Betoulle

Certified Yoga Teacher (Yoga Alliance RYT 200, Federation of Green Yoga®)


Certified Warrior Yoga Teacher (Ariusyoga. Aria Crescendo).

Holistic and Quantum Coach & certified NLP Coach (Neuro-linguistic Programming)


Certified practicioner and coach in ayurvedic medecine & Reiki Usui.


Advanced Moon Mother (womb blessings), certified coach in the awakening of the divine feminine (Wild Woman Sisterhood), in hosting women's circles and Moon Lodges and founder and author of the French Facebook Community Féminité Sacrée.

Creator of the Youtube channel Indigo Yoga (in French) : 




My Yogic Path

Originally from France and now relocated on the Canary Islands (Tenerife), I has discovered yoga about 18 years ago and have been teaching yoga in different yoga studios in Paris and the parisian area for more than 6 years.


I am currently mainly teaching Vinyasa, Iyengar/ restorative and Warrior yoga classes online, in Tenerife and occasionnally in France. 

I have first started practicing Ashtanga Yoga with Gérald Disse and Linda Munro in Paris, after what I left for India (Mysore) in order to deepen my practice with Ajay Kumar,  who was himself teached by some of the greatest Ashtanga yoga Masters, BNS Iyengar as well as Pattabhi Jois. 

On my path, I have also crossed the road of reknown international yogis such as Tara Stiles, Aria Crescendo and Gus Forristal, who have highly inspired and influenced my practice.

After years of practicing Ashtanga and Vinyasa Yoga, I came across Iyengar yoga, the original yoga, as teached and transmitted by B.K.S. Iyengar. Soon after, I completed my yoga teacher training with Céline Miconnet (Himayoga), who received herself teaching from B.K.S Iyengar in India, and I became a Yoga Alliance (RYT 200) and Green Yoga certified teacher.

This solid background in Iyen gar yoga allows me now to infuse my teaching with a rigorous practice focused on body alignement and mixing all of the yogic practices that have influenced my style throughout the years. 




Sonia Astreya (Photo _ Marina Betoulle)


After my certification, I was able to explore all the benefits of yoga during prenatal and postnatal condition, during and after giving birth to my son a few years ago. Yoga has then taken a whole new dimension for me, allowing me to prepare my body for pregnancy and birth and recover easily after birth in an astonishing quick period of time. 


I am also a certified Warrior Yoga teacher, after having pursued my training with famous teacher Aria Crescendo (Healthy Warriors, Ariusyoga). Warrior Yoga is a dynamic an cardio based yoga that facilitates the elimination of toxins through breathing and flowing movements. This style of yoga helps you to empower your inner warrior, to step out of your confort zone and to learn how to get rid of unnecessary fears. This method helps to progress quickly in your physical and spiritual practice.


My Yoga style 

I provide group Vinyasa, Warrior and Iyengar / Restorative yoga classes. 

I teach at the Love Yoga Studio in Tenerife (Puerto de la Cruz) as well as online (through the Zoom Platform).


My classes generally encompass, in addition to Asanas (postures), mind calming breathing techniques (called Pranayama), sacred chants (Mantras), meditation and energetic work through massages (when teaching in studio).

My yoga style is influenced by this life long path and accumulation of knowledge and experiences, that I aim to bring on the mat in a very intuitive and personal way, by checking in with each student's energy and by adapting my teaching to each student's needs and body.

Classes are available to all levels (unless the class is specifically designed for more advanced students). I will guide you with care and compassion through your practice, while staying in tune with your body's wisdom and in connection with your full presence, consciousness and awareness.




Private online yoga classes available on ZOOM, on demand. 

All classes are mainly held in English, but can also be led in French and German and /or Spanish if needed. 

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Weekly group classes at Love Yoga Studio in Puerto de la Cruz (Tenerife).

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One of my biggest passion is to help people on a holistic and global level. I love coaching and helping people to reach their highest potential and manifest the  reality of their dreams. 


I have created my very own coaching method (INDIGOSTAR©), based on holistic, quantum and NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programing) coaching methods.


I have myself applied all of these techniques and have thus managed to exit the Matrix, quit my former lawyer daytime job and create my dream reality here on Tenerife Island. 


This very unique coaching method realigns Mind, Body and Soul and powerfully transforms the individual on the physical, mental, emotionnal and spiritual level, helps my clients to transmute their lives to their highest potential, to merge with their higher self and to embrace their highest timeline, purpose and frequency, in perfect alignement with their Dharma (their soul's mission/purpose). 


Through one or more sessions (depending on what is needed), I will help you to deprogramm your mind from limiting beliefs and programs, that are disempowering you from your true divine power of manifestation.


You will hence have all necessary tools to navigate your life, overcome blocages and manifest your dreamlife. This coaching session is held online via ZOOM. One session lasts for 1:30 to 2 hours.

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For more information on this coaching method and on all the ressources you will receive, please check the following link.


This energy reading is based on tarot & oracle cards, which constitute the link to your subconscious mind and your higher self.


This reading focuses on the current energies surrounding your situation and on the potentials that may be open to you. Channeled guidance and ascension tools may also come through the reading, if relevant for you.


This reading takes place live via ZOOM or by phone or WhatsApp and lasts for about 45 min to an hour.

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Rei = universal life force / Ki = Energy. Reiki, is an ancestral japanese holistic treatment, that reconnects the universal life force energy with our own life force, in order to reactivate your own health process, balance and well-being.


The Reiki practitioner is only a channel of universal energy, that he channels through his own body and hands directly on to the client's 7 chakra points. Localised focus can help the body heal or alleviate its own ailments and pains. This treatment includes the use of crystals, essential oils and light massage. The Reiki session can be held at my office or at your house, at your convenience.

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