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Quantum Healing


There is nothing to heal. 
just to come back to your natural state of divine self.

Art by Danielle Noël

Certified practitioner in Quantum Healing (Regan Hillyer, Juan Pablo Barahona)


What is Quantum Healing ? 
Presentation made by my mentors Regan Hillyer and Juan Pablo Barahona

accelerate your evolution with immediate, impactful results now ! 


Maybe you've tried regular therapy to heal, but find the process slow-going and demotivating...

Get Phenomenal results fast with quantum healing

What are the benefits ?

One of Sonia's biggest passion is to help people on a holistic and global level. She loves coaching and helping people to reach their highest goals and manifest their best life and wildest dreams. 


In her coaching sessions, sonia uses many quantum tools, such as quantum healing.


Quantum healing is a powerful tool that levels you up, accomplishing macro results in micro timing, working directly with the quantum field of infinite possibilities & miracles.

Many people struggle with old habits and unhelpful patterns dominating their behavior. These patterns and habits are often so deeply embedded, that you barely even realize that they're ruling your whole life !

But somehow you know that these blindsposts, these unhealed parts of yourself are holding you back from living the amazing, limitless life you truly deserve.

The Quantum healing method helps you to dissolve these patterns and to come back to your natural state of bliss and happiness. 

There is actually nothing to heal. Just to come back to this natural divine state of harmony, where the universal gifts that are meant for you, just flow back to you, allowing you to embody your highest reality. 

This method will allow you to rapidly achieve the most amazing transformations . 




Experience the effortless manifestation that is intrinsically possible, once you've tapped into the healing powers of the quantum field. 

Unleash the powerful magic manifestor that you truly are ! 

I understand and I've been there too. I have done years of therapy, of coaching with many health practitioners and coaches. And nothing seemed to really work. 

There is a lot out there and it can seem overwhelming. 

Quantum healing encompasses many New Earth 5 D and beyond modalities, as the old tools and healing traditions seem to be outdated now. 

The new healing modalities that work with the quantum field, are all about fast transformational healing. 

It's not about keeping people into shadow work and inner loops forever, anymore. 

The tools of Quantum Healing facilitate major shifts and epic transformation, in an instant. 

It's all about accelerating your evolution. 

Let's face it, life is short : who has time for drawn-out, slow pace growth and evolution ?

If you're looking for fast, effective and life changing results, trust me, this is exactly where you are meant to be right now...

Discover the endless possibilities that rapid transformative healing brings you. 

Quantum Healing means eliminating the issues that block your abundance and joy. 

There are so many benefits !


  • embrace financial abundance

  • deal with long-term and short-term health issues

  • stop feeling stagnant

  • solve your lack of money or success​​

  • release patterns or habits that are on repeat

  • let go of limiting beliefs

  • heal traumas

  • increase your energy

  • clear your chakras for increased flow

  • tap into the full manifestation of your purpose

  • clear your meridians

  • feel effortlessly in the zone, connected and confident at all time

  • discover trust in your deepest intuition












I know how challenging it can be to relinquish old, unconscious patterns and beliefs.

They feel so ingrained, and after years of operating from them, really letting go can seem overwhelming...

But you know on a soul level that you are ready to release these patterns, to quantum heal and change your life... 

The blocks to your success, to manifesting your divine authenticity and power, are about to be removed. 

Watch years of habits and patterns evaporate !

Your quantum healing can start right here and now. 

With only one session, you're creating a shift that will start ripples of positive transformation through your life. 



That's why quantum healing is so powerful
it doesn't take years
it can literally happen within seconds