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Quantum Flow

Art by Danielle Noël

Certified Quantum Flow Practitioner (From the Quantum Flow Institute, Juan Pablo Barahona)




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Quantum Flow is an embodiment method, that has been designed by famous Spiritual Leader and Public Speaker, Juan Pablo Barahona, and that works on every layer of your being.


It is a technology used to manifest from your Soul; your life purpose, your dreams and your best life ever Through movement, breath flow, vibrational sound and meditation, you tap into the Quantum Field of infinite possibilities using the body as a vehicule of transformation, manifestation and abundance.


Quantum Flow utilizes the vehicule of your body, which is your temple, to align with the Soul in order to manifest and ultimately share the gifts - from the Universe - that want to flow through you ! 

When you practice Quantum Flow, you find the answers from mthe inside. You find your life purpose and the dreams you want to manifest, not through the ego but from your Soul. It is a powerful practice that invites you to bio-hack your nervous system, tune into your Soul and into your optimal flow, taking you directly to your natural state. 

Quantum Flow helps you remember who you are, helps you tap into the bliss of being alive and awake and not just talk about it but live it, embody how to live in a state of flow, moment by moment. You turn challenges into opportunities, you open to your full potential, for you, for your clients, for your communities and for the whole world.

Quantum Flow is a formula that uses 7 distinct stages of Manifestation : Grounding, Alchemy, Incorement, Radiancy, Flow, Integration and Divine Truth. Each stage is connected to the other in a dance of perfect orchestration for you to embody and awaken to your higher potential. 

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"I was so blessed to receive my first Quantum Flow session from Sonia.

I loved it ! It's a powerful practice ! Sonia shares with passion and generosity the Quantum Flow.

Fully committed, she guided me through the steps with her Great Heart, her extra-sensibility. She helped me to embrace and embody the practice step by step and to recover my inner power and sovereignty. With no doubt, Sonia is already a wonderful quantum flow coach ."

They enjoyed their Quantum Flow Session with Sonia :


Martine Serindat

"Aide à se relaxer et se connecter au flow. Je suis vraiment content d'avoir appris, compris cette technique. Elle m'est utile au quotidien, je l'utilise presque chaque jour, elle me permet de mieux m'ancrer dans le présent. Merci sonia pour cet apprentissage du Quantum flow"

Emilien Berthelot

"Thank you Sonia for letting me discover Quantum Flow ! What a powerful method!! The science behind is fascinating. It speaks to my Soul. Sonia is very caring during the exercice. Her explanations is precise and helps to understand all the steps. I think that I released deep stuff during the session. I'm amazed by the intensity of the experience. I even cried, because I was so moved to find myself again. Which is unusual for me! It was a full journey where I could feel my inner warrior and be in bliss. Quantum flow is really powerful and I can see how it shifts you instantly. This session helped me a lot as I'm going through difficult times.... Thank you Sonia, I really enjoyed this experience"

Stephan W.

"My first session of quantum flow with Sonia was mind and heart blowing. 

Sonia was wonderful in guiding me through each step of the process, tuning in to my subtle shifts of energy and emotions rising up. She was fantastic at encouraging me to go beyond my comfort zone and my fears. I felt very safe and taken care of.

Towards the last minutes of the session, I felt a surge of emotions and burst into tears. A very old memory got released, triggered by the breath work and the perfect music that Sonia selected throughout our journey together. It was amazing.

Sonia really understood what I was going through and was such a loving space holder, allowing me to go through my release with calm and peace. She helped me embrace the process without any judgment.

I cannot wait for my next sessions with Sonia!! She is a natural at guiding and holding space with so much love and patience. I felt very calm with her despite the strong emotions I felt. Sonia is very gifted in holding your hands to open doors and to help you close them also, which is so important. A rare gift and art that she has clearly mastered. I wholeheartedly recommend Sonia and know that each and every soul who will be guided by her will reach his/her highest soul potential. Much much love to you Sonia for your beautiful heart and soul guidance. Infinite gratitude".


"My dear Sonia, I wish to thank you for having offered me this amaizing opportunity to experiment and to learn about QUANTUM FLOW.

As a therapist, I think this method is complete and is an extraordinary way to improve our capacities and skills to overcome old programmings and offers us new possibilities.

The steps of the method are established in a smart way and your explanations were very accurate : that helps to keep the focus on the purpose beyond the present reality… it helps to see things out of the box…

I like this kind of surprise where everything happens to be possible. During the session, I felt the cleansing in a shamanic way. My body expressed similar symptoms as when I practice shamanic techniques by myself… Some movements remind me of yoga and qi gong practices. I enjoyed your guidance and special care to my health status".

Catalina Boncilica