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Quantum Coaching

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Holistic and Quantum Coach & certified NLP Coach (Neuro-linguistic Programming)

Certified practitioner and coach in ayurvedic medecine & Reiki Usui. 


One of Sonia's biggest passion is to help people on a holistic and global level. She loves coaching and helping people to reach their highest goals and manifest the  reality of their dreams. 


Sonia has created her very own coaching method (INDIGOSTAR©), based on holistic, quantum and NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programing) coaching methods.


She has managed to help many of her clients to shit their reality and start embodying their true divine self. 


This very unique coaching method realigns Mind, Body and Soul and powerfully transforms individuals on the physical, mental, emotionnal and spiritual level, helping to transmute their lives to their highest potential, to merge with their higher self and to embrace their highest timeline, purpose and frequency, in perfect alignement with their Dharma (their soul's mission/purpose). 

Sonia's Quantum Coaching sessions encompass all quantum aspects of our being and are based on holistic and quantum coaching methods (Universal Principles, Law of attraction, activation of the quantum field of infinite possibilities, galactic tools of transformation...), NLP (Neuro-linguuistic programming)...

This coaching method is based on universal principles, quantum physiques and holistic tools, in order to help you reconnect with your divine truth, find your Dharma (which means divine mission in Sanskrit) and manifest your wildest reality, in total alignement with your higher self and Soul's mission.

Thanks to a global and quantum approach (which embraces not only the physical, but also mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects), Sonia assists her clients on their ascension path and on the unleashing of their true self and Soul's purpose. She gives her clients all necessary tools for them to able to reach their highest version and highest potential.





During a session, Sonia will go through the folLowing : 

  • Assessment of your current situation 

  • Dig and discovery of your main blocages, patterns and limiting beliefs that prevent you from manifestating your highest potential

  • Selection of specific quantum modalities, NLP protocols, galactic tools, quantum activations, in order to help you break free from these patterns

One session lasts for about 1:30 hour.


One or more sessions might be necessary to achieve an impactful shift.


But the main purpose of these sessions is for you to achieve quantum healing and full sovereignty on your path so that you can manifest your wildest dreams on your very own !

Sessions take place via Zoom. Sessions are also possible by phone.





This Quantum Coaching method is suitable for all people wishing to regain their manifestation power and make the long-desired quantum leap towards their New Reality.


If you recognize yourself in the following profiles, then this coaching method is for you:


  • You feel stuck in your current reality and you want to get out of this feeling of helplessness that you may feel sometimes

  • You are ready to take back your divine creative power and to make changes in alignment with your Soul's calling and express your highest Version

  • You are ready to alchemize and transmute any blockages, self-sabotage programmings and other limiting beliefs, which prevent you from manifesting your best life

  • You feel ready to find your true divine self, to reconnect with your Soul, your essence, your Dharma (your Soul's purpose), to surrender to your higher calling

  • You are ready to activate your super powers and embody the superhero that you truly are

  • You are ready to be raw and real with yourself and to courageously face your shadows, your demons and to finally release them

  • You are open to so-called "alternative" therapies which work on the quantum, energetic, holistic and neuroscience level

  • You are ready to work deeply on all aspects of your being (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual) and you are not afraid of change, to implement new routines in your daily life, to activate your power of manifestation and increase in consciousness and vibration

  • You are ready to change paradigm, to make a strong impact in the world, to remove your old patterns and programming and adopt new healthier habits

  • You are open and receptive to your divine plan and available to what Universe has for you

  • You are ready to open your consciousness to new ways of navigating your universe, new perspectives, new ways of thinking, new ways of understanding physical and mental well-being

  • You are aware of your divine aspects, of the existence of invisible realities, of higher dimensions, of higher universal laws, of the energy fields which surround you, of the quantum field of infinite possibilities

  • You are open to approaching spiritual and universal concepts, which are not those of the usual religious dogmas



What to expect during a Quantum Coaching Session :


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