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Why do I work with doTERRA ?

Being of service to others is my passion.


Helping others empower themselves and guide them towards their wellbeing and highest potentiel, are part of my mission that I have set for myself, may it be  through my yoga classes or through my holistic services or essential oils.


The uses and potentials of these holistic tools are infinate !


I have chosen to work with doTERRA's essential oils for following reasons :


* doTERRA's essential oils are the best quality oils I know on the market, based my 20 year experience with essential oils;


* doTERRA's essential oils are very pure and garateed 100% free of pesticides, chemicals or any other additives. They go through very strict purity tests called the  CPTG protocole (certified pure therapeutic grade);


* doTERRA's essential oils are sourced from indigenous plants, locally grown by local famers, who are financially and equitably supported by doTERRA, in view of an eco-friendly, sustainable and ethical sourcing;

* doTERRA offers discounts and free products like no other brand does ! By enrolling into the Loyalty Reward Program (LRP), you get instant acces to following advantages:

🌸 25% discount on all doTERRA products

🌸 a possibility to receive the free product of the month (for ay order of 125 PV, that is 125 EUR)

🌸 up to 30% of additionnal discount for each order placed under the LRP program 

🌸 all shipment fees are immediatly transformed into points (i.e. if shipment costs 8 euros, you receive 8 points in bonus, that can be used for your next order ; 1 point = 1 EUR) : in other words, not only is shipment for free, but it pays part of your next order in return !

🌸 you can become a Wellness Advocate doTERRA yourself, share your love of doTERRA oils and grow an additionnal source of income, working comfortably from home !

Check out followign video that explains clearly the doTERRA LRP program : 










To place an order, you have two possibilities :


- Retail price : if you don't wish to enroll into the LRP program (this option gives no advantages at all and you will end up paying your oils full price)


- Membership :  this is the LRP Program that provides with all of the advantages listed above.


The process is very simple : 


* click on my doTERRA webpage :


* Then click "Join & Save",


* Then click on “Join doTERRA".

* Then create your account.


I highly recommend for you to buy a kit the first time you join doTERRA, as you will not have to pay for the enrollment yearly fee of 25 euros. This fee is, in fact, included in the kit.


If you don't wish to order a kit, you will have to click on "Welcome Pack & Enrollement Fee” when placing your order.


I really recommend for you to start with a kit, such as the Family kit which is the cheapest one and contains a selection of 10 oils, that are easy to use daily for your whole family. The kit will allow to get confortable with the doTERRA oils. 

If you want me to assist you with your enrollement or if you want me to do it for you, please send me an email on following address :






🌸 If you enroll as a LRP member, I will offer you a free holistic coaching session of one hour (un person, by phone or through video conference), in order to assess your needs and help the areas of your life you wish to work on.

🌸 Also and for any enrollement as an LRP member your will benefit a 40 % discount on one of my other private holistic services that I offer on my website (this discount can only be used once and for one service only).

🌸 For any order, you become member of a Facebook community of hundreds of women using essential oils and sharing their recipes and uses.

How to order ?

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