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Welcome to this Sacred Space ! 

My name is Sonia Astreya and my mission is to help you shred, release, clear, heal, rise, remember and embody the powerful Being that you truly are.

I am a passionate Yoga Teacher, Mystic and Quantum Manifestor and I love to share all my transformational tools, so that you can manifest your highest purpose and best life. 

Ready to shift your reality ? Then click below to know more about me or about my services ❤

"The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you really are"

Carl Jung

Treatments, Sessions & Classes

Bol chantant
Jeu de cartes de tarot

One on One Reiki Session

Rei = universal life force / Ki = Energy. Reiki, is an ancestral japanese holistic treatment, that reconnects the universal life force energy with our own life force, in order to reactivate or own health process, balance and well-being. The Reiki practitioner is only a channel of universal energy, that he channels through his own body and hands directly on to the client's 7 chakra points. Localised focus can help the body heal or alleviate its own ailments and pains. This treatment includes the use of tarots cards, in order to give an orientation to the session, crystals, essential oils, energy work and therapeutic massage.

(Duration : about1,5 hour / Format : presential in Tenerife only / Price : 70 EUR) 

One on One Quantum Healing Session

This Quantum Coaching session is based on holistic, Quantum Healing© and NLP coaching techniques. With the help of quantum tools (universal laws, quantum physics, galactic tools of transmutation and creation), Sonia will reactivate the divine codes of your Soul Blueprint, for you to release any distorsions from your field, embody the divine being that you really are and realign with your highest purpose and highest timeline. Through one or more sessions (depending on what is needed), Sonia will help you to overcome limiting beliefs and self sabotaging programmings, that are disempowering you from your true divine power of manifestation. You will hence have all necessary tools to quantum shift your reality and start manifesting your dream life and Soul's purpose.

(Duration : about 2 hours / Format : presential or online through video conference / Price : 85 EUR)

One on One Tarots & Oracle Reading

This energy reading is based on tarot & oracle cards, which constitute the link to your subconscious mind and your higher self. This reading focuses on the current energies surrounding your situation and on the potentials  that may be open to you. Channeled guidance and ascension tools may also come through the reading, if relevant for you. 
This session helps you to receive all the information and messages that you need to hear from your divine guidance, in this given time. This guidance can provide you answers in a stuck situation and/or help you to see what you need to see, in order to take the next step in your life.

(Duration : about 1,5 hour / Format : presential or online through video conference / Price : 70 EUR)

Ingrédients du spa
Northern Lights
yeux fermés

One on One Ayurveda Session

Ayurveda is a 5000 year old traditional indian healing system. It is based on a holistic approach : aknowledging that the human being is not just a physical body but has also an emotional, mental, intuitive and spiritual body. The focuse is on the prevention and root cause of the disease, and not on the numbing of the symptoms. It's about triggering the body's natural self heal response. Indeed, there is nothing to heal, just to come back to our natural state of health. This session includes a full ayurvedic diagnosis (questionnaire and physical examination) and treatment delivered in the form of a word document, sent to you after the session. 

(Duration : about 45 min / Format : presential in Tenerife only / Price : 80 EUR) 

One on One Bio-well Session

The Bio-Well device is a GDV (Gas Discharge Visualization) camera created by Dr. Konstantin Korotkov is the first device in the world which measures the energy levels of the body (the so-called "Pranic Body", "Energy Body" or "Bioplasma") and it’s based on the well-known “Kirlian effect”. This cutting-edge technology operates an "energy scan" of the body and measures the state of a person’s energy field giving you a way to visual your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual conditions. It is now proven that hat when we suffer from illness, the energy body feels it 6 months before it manifests in the physical body. In combination with the Ayurvedic session, this session can hence be a good start to start making the right lifestyle changes in order to bring the body back into balance.

This session includes a full pdf report on the energy level of the body, the chakras, the meridians and the organs. 

(Duration : about 45 min / Format : presential only in Tenerife / Price : 60 EUR)

Pack Ayurveda + Bio-well Session

This session combines both : an Ayurvedic session and a Bio-well session, so that you can have a full picture of your situation, as well as the appropriate treatment. 
And such at a more interesting price. 

(Duration : about 1 hour / Format : presential in Tenerife only / Price : 100 EUR)

Pouring Massage Oil
Yoga enfant ' s pose

One on One Yoga class

This private yoga class can, upon choice, be a classic hatha yoga class, a warrior or vinyasa yoga class, an Iyengar, restorative or Yin yoga class. This class is adjusted to the student's level. Private classes are designed for students, who either don't have time to attend group classes or who are more confortable in practicing within the exclusive space of a private class. Private classes help you deepen your practice and help you make bigger and faster progress. This class will help build up your strength and confidence and will activate your inner power. Depending on the style of yoga that is chosen, this class may also help students break through challenging postures or overcome fear of certain postures (such as inversions).  Breath work, meditation, mantras and energy work through a massage at the end of class, are also a big part of this private session. This class can be led in English, French or Spanish.

(Duration : 1 hour / Format : presential in Tenerife only or online / Price : 50 EUR for presential / 22 EUR for online) 

One on one Chiromassage session

Chiromassage is the most ancient massage technique. It is a therapeutic massage designed to reduce stress, relax overworked muscles, improve circulation and reduce pain to name a few of its benefits. It is not only based on deep tissue massage & pain relief techniques, but also stretching and pressure / trigger points. I use oil and specific anti-inflammatory, pain relief and soothing essential oils for this massage.


(Duration : 1,5 hour / Format : presential in Tenerife only / Price : 60 EUR)

Yoga Teacher Training 200h Yoga Alliance

You love yoga and want to become a yoga teacher ?

Join me and my co-teachers in Tenerife at the Gayatri Yoga School for a 3 weeks intensive, providing you with a Yoga Alliance Teacher certificate in Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga. 

A truly transformational and beautiful experience on the wonderful island of Tenerife within a small group of max 18 students. 

We provide trainings almost every month, throughout the year.  

(Duration : 3  weeks  / Format : presential in Tenerife only)


Best yoga class, best teacher. I have been practicing yoga for more than ten years, and I have been taking a lot of classes in a lot of places (Asia, Europe and now here in Tenerife). I can honestly say that this class with Sonia is my favorite so far. She is paying great attention to your needs. She is fully present with you. She cares. She is here to help you stay aligned and avoid injuries, go deeper. I have tried and succeeded positions that I couldn't manage before. Thanks to her, I am so proud of myself. She is radiant and beautiful person, that lightens the room with her presence. You feel reenergized and strong. I recommend 100% and for sure will come to this class everytime that I can. 

Elizabeth S.

Sonia takes her time to feel and connect with what is in the field of the person. She asks a lot of questions and listens to her inner guidance in order to unravel what needs to be released and healed. She allowed me to feel totally safe during the session. She created a beautiful sacred healing space for our session and used all of her talents and gifts, in service to me and to divine healing to flow. She chose for me the Soul Blueprint reset. The work on my timeline, the visualisations, the sounds, the breath... have allowed a magic container to unfold. I received many beautiful downloads, such as egyptian symbols and hieroglyphics, the Ankh cross, the opening of my white angel wings, a pyramid... After the session, I felt a deep connection to my Soul essence, to who I really am. I felt empowered and felt my light radiating and expanding all around me. Much gratitude for this beautiful light healing session, for this beautiful gift. Gratitude to you Sonia, the Magician !

Martine S.

I have taken Sonia's tarots readings many times to receive her intuitive insights and guidance. Each time her guidance proved to be accurate and allowed me to see more clearly in my situation and on the potential to come. It helped me a lot to feel better while going through challenges and to better direct my choices. I highly recommend Sonia for her tarot readings and her guidance. She really takes the time and shares her art with passion and a lot of kindness. A real moment of guidance but also of coaching and support. I recommend 200%!

Melanie B.

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